Who’s who?

The following officers were elected at the 2022 Annual General Meeting:

  • President: John Morgan (NEU)
  • Secretary/Treasurer: John Pye (Unison)
  • Vice-President: Ed Garner (PCS)
  • Minutes Secretary: Frank Ellis (TSSA)
  • Equalities Officer: Norma Turner (Unite)
  • Affiliations Organiser: Evan Pritchard (Unite)

The officers form the Manchester TUC Executive Committee along with:

  • Annette Wright (PCS)
  • Chris Jones (Unite)
  • Chris Neville (Unite)
  • Conor Price (RMT)
  • Fiona Pashazadeh (UCU)
  • Geremy Phillips (Equity)
  • Grant Murray (RMT)
  • Ian Allinson (Unite)
  • Jade Doswell (Unite)
  • Karen Buckley (UNISON)
  • Lynne Hodge (Unite)
  • Martin Hall (Unite)
  • Rory Tavener (PCS)
  • Sam Harvey (Unite)
  • Simon Dalfen (PCS)

Delegates to the Greater Manchester Association of Trades Union Councils:

  • Chris Jones (Unite)
  • Eddie Garner (PCS)
  • Evan Pritchard (Unite)
  • John Pye (Unite)

Delegate to Greater Manchester Council for Community Relations:

  • Ben Clay (Tenant’s Union)


  • Geoff Brown
  • Penny Hicks