Rogue state: spying on and lying about campaigners

In a week shaped by popular and police responses to the murder of Sara Everard, Manchester TUC hosted a public meeting to discuss state action against campaigners and trade unionists.

The speakers were:

  • Terry Renshaw, one of the Shrewsbury 24, framed during the 1972 national builders’ strike
  • Karen Reissmann, the nurse and UNISON activist recently given a £10,000 fine by Greater Manchester Police for organising a small, safe, distanced, risk-assessed protest against the 1% pay proposal for NHS workers.
  • Lindsey from Police Spies Out of Lives (PSOOL), which is a campaigning support group working to achieve an end to the sexual and psychological abuse of campaigners and others by undercover police officers. They support the women affected by these issues to expose the immoral and unjustified practice of undercover relationships, and the institutional prejudices which have led to the abuse.
  • John Moloney, PCS Assistant General Secretary