Zero Covid: a strategy for near-elimination of the virus

Manchester TUC hosted a public meeting to discuss the Zero Covid strategy for near-elimination of the virus and how we campaign for it.

For months now Independent SAGE, the Hazards Campaign and others have been arguing for a Zero Covid strategy, now also backed the the Campaign Group of Labour MPs, the People’s Assembly and the Zero Covid campaign.

Instead of continuing on/off partial lockdowns until (hopefully) vaccines can suppress the pandemic, we could save lives and livelihoods now with tried and tested public health measures.

A Zero Covid strategy means suppressing the virus to a low level (Independent SAGE estimate 5000 cases per day), replacing the broken test and trace system with an effective public sector Find, Test, Trace, Isolate and Support system, closing workplaces until they are certified as Covid Safe, and providing the money and resources to enable all this to work.

The speakers at the meeting were:

  • Julie Wilkinson, University & College Union, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Janet Newsham, Hazards Campaign
  • John Rees, People’s Assembly
  • Richard Burgon MP
  • Dr Emma Runswick, British Medical Association (personal capacity) and Zero Covid campaign

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